Personal Training

Our Personal Training programs are 100% tailored to you, after careful consideration of what you want to achieve, your body shape and current lifestyle.

We love working with people who are absolutely serious about investing in themselves. Our personal trainers are not just gym junkies who follow the latest fad. They’re well educated, passionate trainers who spend an enormous amount of time researching on the very latest exercise and nutrition science. It’s all or nothing for us and we expect the same from you.

Where are we?

Savage Training was created by Justin Savage. Justin and his team is continuing to build a strong well rounded team in Sydney, we are based in Potts Point and we also have corporate gyms inside Linkedin in Sydney and Melbourne with more coming soon. 

Personal Training Pricing

Working one on one with our personal trainers is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most from your training time. Your PT will create your own unique training program to suit your specific needs and goals. Your program usually includes workouts to do at home as well as comprehensive nutrition coaching.

Personal Training starts at $50per 30 mins up to $100 per hour depending on your unique requirements and your trainer and level.

What services do we provide?

Weight loss

Fitness and body composition

Strength training

Specific injury recovery training

Postnatal pregnancy training

Online Training

Group or Buddy Training 


If you prefer training exclusively with your instructor, then our one-on-one training sessions are just the ticket.

These are more than training sessions, but rather a highly personalised commitment to your well being over regular training periods that monitor and achieve results.

Savage personal training sessions incorporate all the techniques uses in our group sessions – strength training, boxing, kettle bell training, calisthenics, plyometric boxes, battle ropes, weights and TRX – through one-on-one delivery, enabling our trainers to focus on you exclusively.

Our commitment to you extends to nutritional advice and motivational well being that helps you reach your goals faster and with expert guidance.

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